Let it snow!

Jason - snow 3

Lantern slide from the Manchester Museum Collection reproduced by permission © 2017 Manchester Museum

jaso - snow Let it snow… let it snow… let it snow!

When you hear the word snow, what do you think of? Christmas? Winter? Cold? Thermals? Christmas? Frozen? Day off? Snow white? … Jon Snow?

I think for most of us, nearly everything in that list crosses our mind at this time of year (although possibly not Jon Snow?). From the shorter, colder days of winter to the happy prospect of a merry Christmas, time off and warmth around the people we care for.  So today, we’re going to delve into snow!

Consider every snowflake snowflake

Snow is the fall of atmospheric ice crystals in the form of soft white flakes. As water vapour freezes in the clouds, these ice crystals cluster together until they are heavy enough to fall and drift down to the Earth’s surface, producing the lovely sight of snow that we are used to seeing. And if you examine snowflakes under a powerful microscope, you can see individual ice crystals that combine to form complex structures. The variation is limitless!

Now it would be usual of me to show you a picture of snowflakes… but instead, I’m going to show you some beautiful, snowy lantern slides that we have behind the scenes.

Left: Group of Animals In snowy environment, Top right: Our Winter Hut, 1895. Bottom right: Man riding in sledge pulled by a reindeer. Manchester Museum Collection – reproduced by permission © 2017 Manchester Museum

If you would like to see more of our lovely lantern slides, you can find them online at www.slides.uni-trier.de or come in and visit us!

Something Extra …

JASON SNOW 1A snowy day at Manchester Museum

A couple of years ago our curators at Manchester Museum promoted a project known as ‘Extreme Weather Memories,’ that aimed to encourage people to share their experiences of bizarre weather, in light climate change and lead up to our climate control exhibition. This prompted the development of ‘Memories of Snow,’ a blog post and an opportunity to share your fun, memorable and joyful snow days with us. #MMClimateControl #ManchesterMuseum.

Christmas fun fact: a snowflake has around 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules!

Wishing you all a happy, white Christmas!


For more information
Memories of Snow’



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